Pediatric Eye Care

Pediatric eye care is crucial for early detection and intervention of vision problems in children, enabling them to reach their full potential academically, socially, and developmentally. Regular check-ups also contribute to lifelong eye health by preventing and addressing potential eye diseases and ensuring optimal visual development.


To ensure that your children are thriving in a visual learning environment, at Airis Eye we recommend an initial pediatric exam at the age of 3. We work closely with local pediatricians and a letter will be sent to your child’s pediatrician.

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One in four children have an undetected vision issue and may be misdiagnosed as having attention issues or a learning deficit.

What To Expect

This exam encompasses:

  • A review of your child’s medical and ocular history.
  • Preliminary tests including stereo vision, color vision, and ocular alignment.
  • Screening for myopia with the OCULUS myopia master.
  • Screening for visual discomfort with Neurolens©.
  • A scan of your child’s retina using optical coherence tomography (a non-invasive imaging test), which uses light waves to take cross-section pictures of your retina.
  • Retinal photography with the iCare EIDON TrueColor to facilitate the diagnosis and monitor retinal diseases. iCare EIDON provides more balanced color images with a wider richness of color content compared to a conventional flash fundus camera.
  • An evaluation of your child’s overall eye health.
  • A review of all findings and potential treatment plan for you and your child.
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